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Dying for Compassion, by Barbara Golder – Book Review ASSOCIATION OF CATHOLIC BLOGGERS - August 9, 2017

Reading List for Fall Semester 2017 DOMINE, DA MIHI HANC AQUAM! - June 20, 2017 ... Poems, 1931-2001 O'Connor, Flannery, The Complete Stories Percy, Walker, The Last Gentleman HP505 (Homiletic Practicum II) Cameron, Peter John. Why Preach? Carl, Scott. Verbum Domini and the Complementarity of Exegesis and Theology . Schall, James. A Line Through the Heart: On Sinning and Being Forgiven . PH202 (Philosophy of God) Aquinas, Thomas. Summa theologiae, Prima Pars, Q. 1-26 (text available on-line) Davies, Brian. Thomas Aquinas on God and Evil . ...