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The "Country Music Television" Awards? Sorry, It Was Just More MTV Raunch IN OTHER WORDS - June 13, 2016 ... proves the point if you give MTV anything, they will make things ...

Pope Francis to Address Americans in Video Message at National Mall Event SEASONS OF GRACE - June 6, 2016

Visitors From the North! A CONCORD PASTOR COMMENTS - May 29, 2016 Photo by KM A nice surprise this Sunday morning! Two faithful readers of my blog, Sr. Suzanne Beaudoin, SSCh and Gloria Jenkins made the trip from Lewiston, Maine to Concord for Mass on this feast of Corpus Christi. (That's nearly a two and a half hour drive - one way!) They made the same trip last fall and it was great to see and pray with them again. It happens that they came to the last of our six First Communion liturgies so it was a particularly celebratory day! ...

Bonnie Is Coming -- Time to Get Some Notes Through! IN OTHER WORDS - May 29, 2016

The Church in Japan THE NEW BEGINNING - May 7, 2016 From 2014: Bishops set out difficulties facing Japanese Catholics Catholicism Fails to Take Root in Japan Philip Jenkins: DESTROYING JAPANESE CHRISTIANITY From 2000: Translation Wars Loom in Japan: New Japanese Missal sparks controversy

Willl... To Live... Fading... THE SPIRIT'S SWORD - April 27, 2016 First I heard that some intellectual colossus had optioned the movie rights for Three's Company. Now I find out that this movie is real and is in production. To have an idea of what they are making, here is the real Florence Foster Jenkins, First Lady of The Sliding Scale, singing Mozart like you have never heard before, and will probably wish you hadn't heard at all.

Notre Dame Faculty for Life Slam Laetare Medal for Biden CREATIVE MINORITY REPORT - April 4, 2016