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Our Moral and Intellectual Superiors Don't Have a Clue As to What We Lack Or, the Cry of Rodney King. THECHURCHMILITANT - June 15, 2017 ... in search of a compromise. They are zero sum games for one side or the other – and battle axes designed to further cleave the country. "Your adversary has become your enemy," said former Kansas Congressman Dan Glickman, a senior fellow at the Bipartisan Policy Center. "There's alot more tribal thinking: either you're with us or against us. The culture is just much more divisive. We need to take a deep breath." A survey by the Pew Research Center in January before President Donald Trump's ...

Let's Hope the Munitions Don't Have to Be Kept on a Differnt Ship. THECHURCHMILITANT - June 5, 2017