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Extraordinary Synod on Family Is, Thanks Be to God, Over. FR. Z'S BLOG - October 20, 2014

Some Personal Thoughts on the Extraordinary Synod Thus Far Καθολικός διάκονος - October 12, 2014

Who Cares What I Think? MAN BITES BLOG - October 9, 2014 ... criticism of your own group while maintaining solidarity with it? Politically, I have almost nothing in common with Scott Alexander. I am a pro-life traditionalist minded married same-sex-marriage-skeptic Catholic. He is (I think) a polyamorist pro-choice atheist. But did I only agree with him because we are, in some sense, part of the same tribe -- i.e. skeptics of culturally elite opinion? Were his arguments compelling, or was it just a matter of, "Go team!" (or "Boo the other team!") Of ...

Dr. Peters on Sr. Walsh's Piece in America Magazine FR. Z'S BLOG - September 30, 2014 ... take for granted in such matters. Lest we spend so much time reinventing the wheel. When The Book ("the five Cardinals" book) is released on 1 October, the Orthodox oikonomia suggestion will have to be shelved as a non-solution. The Book demolishes that for good. You can still pre-order The Book at a 25% discount for a ONE MORE DAY! Click me NOW! Also available now in the UK! HERE Share/Bookmark The post Dr. Peters on Sr. Walsh's piece in America Magazine appeared first on Fr. Z's Blog ...