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ACN News - In Wake of ISIS Horror, Egyptian Christians Consecrate First-Ever Church in Sinai A CATHOLIC MOM IN HAWAII - February 24, 2015

Cardinal Piacenza in Wigratzbad: Mercy, Primacy of Conscience and Primacy of Truth RORATE CÆLI - January 19, 2015 From a teaching lecture given by Cardinal Piacenza, the Major Penitentiary, at a course on the Internal Forum in the Diocese of Ausburg for German speaking priests. Iacopo Scaramuzzi Vatican Insider (La Stampa) January 15, 2015 "In Christianity, the placing of mercy and truth in opposition or at least contradistinction is always the result of a vision that is only partial". This is

ASK FATHER: Does the Church "Supply" What Is Lacking in Doubtful Absolutions? FR. Z'S BLOG - January 9, 2015 ... and the penitent also believes he does. Thus, it doesn't quite cover the situation of SSPX priests, who know very what proper authority as instructed about their state: they lack faculties. They, however, do not obey proper authority. They might honestly believe that they can receive confessions because of some state of "emergency" that the Church is in, but, intellectually, they know that the Church has told them that they don't. They aren't ignorant of the facts, though they – even ...