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Thrilled to Be Three: Holding Jesus OF SOUND MIND AND SPIRIT - August 18, 2015 Sunday evening we attended Life Teen Mass as usual. We always try to sit in the front row for a number of reasons, but primarily so Douglas will pay attention and watch the Mass. After receiving Eucharist and a moment in prayer I watched my older daughter, recently confirmed, serving as Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist while the choir sang Hosanna (by Hillsong United). I glanced to my

Three Haiku (unlinked) SPIKE IS BEST - July 18, 2015 The car's patina - netted, dented, olive-swathed. No road comes near here. * Forest's sun-struck floor: hosanna ferns, in noon wind, froth with a lightness. * Summer's dusk mountain is listening, purple snow. The fields fall silent.

A Judicial Putsch TEA AT TRIANON - June 29, 2015

On the Bright Side: Life at the Oratory SAINT LOUIS CATHOLIC - June 18, 2015 ... Learning from Monsignor Wach The Prior General From the First Visit of then-Archbishop ...