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The Break of Spring MARTIN FAMILY MOMENTS - April 25, 2017 ... saints, he said. My Mom and Dad saying goodbye for now. After the burial, a note was read that there would be no luncheon. But there would be a Big Happy Party! So off we went to the Country Club for the Big Happy Party and shared stories and remembered Uncle Tom and celebrated his wonderful life. Three things stuck out in everybody's tales of Uncle Tom... 1) He would ask everyone he met "Are ye happy?" (in his gentle Irish brogue) instead of "How are you?" 2) He gave the best ...

Homily - 16 April 2017 - Easter Sunday: On the Oldest and Deepest Desire SERVANT AND STEWARD - April 16, 2017

An Indian Priest Visits Hell, Purgatory and Heaven: Live Video Testimony SPIRITUAL BODY LANGUAGE / POSTURES AT WORSHIP - February 16, 2017