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Finally Laid to Rest BEYOND PEARLS... - May 20, 2017

Preventing Bullying or Promoting the LGBT Agenda? COUNTERCULTURAL FATHER - May 4, 2017 ... interpreted as supporting that (at the very least unproven) claim, and further, claiming that it is God who has made them ' that way,' and further still, that this is therefore a morally positive state. However, Catholic teaching is different. The CCC states that the psychological genesis of such aberrant desires is largely unexplained, but that homosexuality is a state which inclines people towards acts of grave depravity , which are intrinsically disordered ( CCC § 2357 ). What this ...

Double Standards for Two Death-Dealing Drugs CRISIS MAGAZINE - May 2, 2017

Caught in the Web EDWARD FESER - May 1, 2017 ... "Co-operation in the Age of Hobby Lobby : When Sincerity is Not Enough," in the current issue of Expositions . (Follow the link and click on the PDF.) Philosopher Daniel Bonevac on being a conservative in academia , at Times Higher Education . At Aeon , Adam Frank argues that materialism cannot explain consciousness . At Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews , a review of Fran O'Rourke's book Aristotelian Interpretations . Philosopher Anthony McCarthy on Peter ...

Greatest Religious Freedom Defense Ever. CREATIVE MINORITY REPORT - April 27, 2017

NYT: Trump Stole the Left's License to BS OUTSIDE THE ASYLUM - April 21, 2017