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A Catholic Defense of Capital Punishment CRISIS MAGAZINE - August 17, 2017 ... forthright that this establishes only that it is allowable , not that it is required . To put it another way, since "there are no good arguments for abolishing capital punishment," the question of whether to apply it must be made in light of the concrete circumstances of each case. The authors take Cardinal Ratzinger's opinion as their touchstone: "There may be legitimate diversity of opinion even among Catholics about … applying the death penalty." Because opposition to capital ...

Reactions to Charlottesville OD'S BLOG! - August 17, 2017 ... learning from the supposed tutelage. Nobody in good conscience could believe that genocide was in the interests of the Jews. Third, Nazi Germany was relatively unique in its policy of racial genocide. There are other historical examples, but probably none so systematic and obvious as Nazi Germany. By contrast, the Confederacy was one of many states, in its day, that practiced slavery. Slavery was still legal throughout South and Central America, throughout Africa, throughout the Muslim world, ...

Saint Ignatius on Heresy, and the Capsizing Boat THE HERMENEUTIC OF CONTINUITY - July 31, 2017

Pope Saint Silverius ~ Resisted State-Mandated Heresy. Died a Martyr. GLORIA ROMANORUM - June 20, 2017