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July Daybook MEMORIES OF A CATHOLIC WIFE & MOTHER - July 1, 2014 ... Fr. S. We are so blessed to have such a holy priest for our pastor. We are learning all the time After reading Greg's Microscope , Patrick and Finnian became very interested in using our microscope. So, Brendan has been using it with them regularly, looking at bug's wings, legs, etc. The boys have also started making a bug board again. I''ll have to share a photo of it eventually. Theresa has been bitten by the sewing bug again and has been making tiered skirts, following ...

Pope Benedict Was Right About Harry Potter LINEN ON THE HEDGEROW - June 10, 2014 ... people. One exorcist - a friend of the exorcist - has had to exorcise 3 children just for reading the Harry Potter books. The exorcist was involved in a case where the 5 demons expelled from that possessed person claimed that they were the demons who inspired J K Rowling to write Harry Potter. The exorcist's advice: avoid it! Experienced exorcists are very clear: stay away from it! Demons are always looking to get glory. They get glory in this life by their name being pronounced and said. ...

On Angels... ON THE SIDE OF THE ANGELS - June 8, 2014 Fr Chad Ripperger on Guardian Angels HERE

Fr Chad Ripperger on Sloth ON THE SIDE OF THE ANGELS - June 4, 2014 Audio Sermon on Sloth