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Book Review: Magisterial Authority UNAM SANCTAM CATHOLICAM - January 2, 2015 ... Ripperger , the author does a solid job explaining the above in a way that most people who have reached the age of maturity will understand. This book has already been reviewed here at Rorate Caeli by our friend Ryan Grant of Mediatrix Press . While I enjoyed the book and think Ryan did a great job with his review, I had some different thoughts on the work. There has been some discussion in the press that the Pope will be publishing an encyclical in the near future throwing ...

Guest Book Review: Magisterial Authority, by Fr. Chad Ripperger RORATE CÆLI - December 23, 2014 Magisterial Authority Fr. Chad Ripperger $ 8.99 on Amazon *** Guest Book Review, by Ryan Grant For many years, the faithful have been confused, bewildered, scandalized and have even lost their faith on account of the verbal bombs and trendy verbiage emanating from various members of the magisterium, even and including the Pope himself irrespective of whether they identify as Traditional

Fr. Chad Ripperger, F.S.S.P., Ph.D. Fidelity to Grace ON THE SIDE OF THE ANGELS - November 30, 2014,+F.S.S.P.,+Ph.D.+Fidelity+to+Grace.html