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The Hammer Falls... And Then Some WHISPERS IN THE LOGGIA - November 8, 2014 ... non-European to serve as chief chaplain of the thousand-year-old Order of Malta, which is always headed not by a cleric, but a celibate layman elected in a Conclave who holds the title Sovereign Prince. (The current Prince-Grand Master is Fra Matthew Festing, the second Englishman to occupy the office.) Having taken the unorthodox step of confirming reports of the Malta move in an on-record interview during the Synod, just last weekend, Burke was the star attraction in St Peter's for one of ...

Resistere! Resistere! Resistere! MUNDABOR'S BLOG - October 2, 2014 The beautiful words of appeal to ceaseless resistance you read in the title were once uttered by a famous Italian prosecutor – in his farewell speech at the moment of retiring – in the face of spread corruption and intimidation from the powers that be; and, particularly, from the power of… one man. I am […]