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Pictures From Last Friday's Mozarabic Mass in Rome NEW LITURGICAL MOVEMENT - May 10, 2016

Medieval Vespers of Easter NEW LITURGICAL MOVEMENT - April 1, 2016 ... of Sunday Vespers, 109, 110 and 111, are sung with a single antiphon consisting of four Alleluias, followed by the gradual and alleluia of the Mass. The second part of the gradual varies from day to day, just as it does at the Mass; the alleluia is often different from that of the day's Mass, or made longer by the addition of a second verse. In many Uses, but not that of Sarum, the sequence Victimae Paschali was often said as well. There follow the Magnificat with its ...

A Good Friday Procession in the Rite of Braga NEW LITURGICAL MOVEMENT - March 29, 2016

Palm Sunday in Rome - The Polyphonic Settings of the Crowd NEW LITURGICAL MOVEMENT - March 20, 2016 Every year on Palm Sunday and Good Friday, at the Fraternity of St Peter's Roman parish, Santissima Trinità dei Pellegrini, the choir sings those parts of the Passion that represent the crowd. Most of these are quite short, but the Passion of St Matthew contains two longer ones towards the end, at chapter 27, 39-43. As recorded here, they are each preceded by a verse sung by the narrator, who is called Chronista in Latin, and whose parts are marked with ...

Reading the Daily Papers (Part 2) FR HUNWICKE'S MUTUAL ENRICHMENT - February 4, 2016 Continues: "He seated himself on his throne, on the right side of the great altar, and began to sing the office appointed by the church for the dead, assisted by his choir, which is numerous, and some of the best voices from Rome. "The first verse was scarcely finished, when it was observed that his voice faultered, the tears trickled down his cheeks, so that it was feared he would not have been

Candlemas SAINT LOUIS CATHOLIC - February 2, 2016