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In Conversation With God Volume 1 Part 1 Advent - Francis Fernandez BOOK REVIEWS AND MORE - December 27, 2016

Vijayawada: Missionary Mandate and Vows for Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate CLERICAL WHISPERS - October 25, 2016 ... mission." The bishop stressed that the final profession of vows and the missionary mandate of the Sisters "is a source of great joy for the local Church". During his homily he invited the missionaries to "emulate the examples of heroic life of St. Francis of Assisi, Mother Teresa of Calcutta, St. Ignatius of Loyola." Then recalled the figure of Saint Paul, the great missionary: "Be he your inspiration when you face the challenges of missionary life in distant countries for the sake of Christ." ...

Chicago Fatima Conference: Mark Your Calendars! A CATHOLIC LIFE - October 3, 2016