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Notre Dame Center for Liturgy 2015 Symposium Καθολικός διάκονος - June 13, 2015

SVS Press Launches "Coptic Studies Series" BYZANTINE, TEXAS - May 23, 2015

Another Instance of Post-Resurrection Docetism in the Breviary VIVIFICAT! - May 13, 2015 ... and Evening prayers, mostly - constantly since 2002. I have said it before and say again, the LOH form the "bookends" of my day. It's not that I haven't noted these little erroneous details before, but it seems that as I age, these blunders are beginning to grate a little bit. After all, I want to pray with the Church and pray things in conformity to the faith I have received. And I will continue to pray the LOH while I pine for a new translation. I've pointed ...

Little Way on the Prairies GETTING TO THE POINT - April 19, 2015 ... prayer—morning prayer and Mass, adoration and rosary, praise and worship every day. They have personal individual spiritual and pastoral guidance and accompaniment. The spirituality is very much the Little Way of St. Therese, with a healthy dose of MH spirituality ( Poustinia and People of the Towel and Water are part of the core curriculum). Jim Anderson, the director of the school and a long-time friend of MH, explains that St. Therese teaches us what ...