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Urgent: Prayer Request for John Vennari SAINT LOUIS CATHOLIC - February 22, 2017 Mr. Vennari is near death. Michael Matt issues a call for prayer here.

The Holy Father's Prayer Intentions for March 2017 BIG C CATHOLICS - February 21, 2017 Please remember the Holy Father Pope Francis' intentions in prayer throughout the month of March: Support for Persecuted Christians. That persecuted Christians may be supported by the prayers and material help of the whole Church. Beginning in 2017, the Pope will present one prepared prayer intention per month, rather than two. Should an urgent need arise, an additional intention may be added.

LifeNews Report: Liberals Trash Melania Trump for Leading Lord's Prayer DEACON FOR LIFE - February 21, 2017 Pro-Life News ReportTuesday, February 21, 2017 For pro-life news updated throughout the day, visit Top Stories• Liberals Trash First Lady Melania Trump for Leading Lord's Prayer at a Rally, Call Her a "Whore" • Bill and Melinda Gates Will Push Population Control On 120 Million More Women by 2020 • Judge Stops Texas From

Prayer: Prayer Said Before the Sessions of Vatican Council II IGNATIAN SPIRITUALITY: SET THE WORLD ABLAZE - February 20, 2017 Holy Spirit, enlighten our hearts. Give us light and strength to know your will and to live it in our lives. Guide us by your wisdom; support us by your power. Enable us to uphold the rights of others; do not alow us to be misled by ignorance or corrupted by favor. Keep us faithful to all that is true.

Pray for Families (Finding True Delight) SIMPLY INSPIRED PRAYER - February 18, 2017 Greetings Prayer Warriors, In the last week I have had two people very close to me die. I am reminded that our time here is very fleeting. I am reminded of the importance of living every day for the Lord so that His will be done, not mine. I am reminded of the importance of family and the value of prayer. I am reminded that people don't often remember what you said, but how you made them feel. LORD, let me know my end, the number of my days that I may learn ...

Pause for Prayer: FRIDAY 2/17 A CONCORD PASTOR COMMENTS - February 17, 2017 ... of my favorites. You'll see that each triad of two-word prayers is thematic. You might make the whole p ost a part of your prayer to day or choose just one triad to pray all day as a mantra. Sometimes the simplest prayers are the best prayers... Calm me, quiet me, settle me... Steady me, balance me, ground me... Plant me, root me, embed me... Support me, sustain me, protect me... Forgive me, pardon me, free me... Refresh me, restore me, heal me... Enfold me, embrace me, hold ...

Prayer: Celtic Prayer IGNATIAN SPIRITUALITY: SET THE WORLD ABLAZE - February 17, 2017 May the Light of lights come to my dark heart. May the Spirit's wisdom come to my heart from my Savior. May the peace of the Spirit be mine this night, the peace of the Son be mine this night, the peace of the Father be mine this night, the peace of all peace be mine this night and each morning and evening of my life.

St Paul and Distractions in Prayer CATHOLIC LIGHT - RADICAL FAITH & TRUST - February 16, 2017 St Paul and Distractions in Prayer : "We must all have had that experience before – we come to prayer intent on listening to God but our minds are running all over the place following distracting thoughts. Someone once said humorously, "If you want to remember the things that you easily forget or tend to ignore, start praying seriously." Prayer time easily …"

Music Truly Uplifts the Soul DOMINUS VOBISCUM, ET CUM SPIRITU TUO. - February 16, 2017 Listening to 10 minutes worth of this, saying my night prayer, before going to sleep helps, quite a lot. Deo gratias et Mariae for this.

Prayer: Teresa Benedicta IGNATIAN SPIRITUALITY: SET THE WORLD ABLAZE - February 16, 2017 The human soul is not a complete, static, unchanging, monolithic existence. It is being in the state of becoming and in the process of becoming. The soul must bring to fruition those predispositions with which it was endowed when coming into the world.

"Private Prayer Is Like Straw Scattered Here and There: If You Set It on Fire It Makes a Lot Of..." INVICEM SUNT - February 15, 2017 "Private prayer is like straw scattered here and there: If you set it on fire it makes a lot of little flames. But gather these straws into a bundle and light them, and you get a mighty fire, rising like a column into the sky; public prayer is like that." - St. Jean Vianney, the Cure d'Ars (via twocrowns )

Pause for Prayer: WEDNESDAY 2/15 A CONCORD PASTOR COMMENTS - February 15, 2017 Tweet Subscribe to A Concord Pastor Comments

Feast of the Prayer of Christ (Masses in Some Places) A CATHOLIC LIFE - February 14, 2017 Each year on the Tuesday after Septuagesima there was celebrated a "Mass in Some Places," according to the 1955 Missal. This special Mass is for The Prayer of Christ and has been around for several hundred years. The Catholic Encyclopedia summarizes this special feastday that is worthy of our meditation: This feast occurs on the Tuesday after Septuagesima (double major). Its object is to commemorate the prolonged prayer which Christ offered in Gethsemane in ...

Prayer: Pierre Teilhard De Chardin, S.J. IGNATIAN SPIRITUALITY: SET THE WORLD ABLAZE - February 14, 2017 O God, I wish from now on to be the first to become conscious of all that the world loves, pursues, and suffers. I want to be the first to seek, to sympathize, and to suffer; the first to unfold and sacrifice myself, to become more widely human and more noble of the earth than any of the world's servants.

Seven Reasons to Pray From Fr. Jacques Philippe CATHOLIC LIGHT - RADICAL FAITH & TRUST - February 13, 2017 Seven Reasons to Pray from Fr. Jacques Philippe : "Whether you are thinking about committing to daily prayer for the first time, or you have been praying for years and your enthusiasm has faded, Thirsting for Prayer by Fr. Jacques-Philippe is the book for you. Based on his extensive experience giving retreats and on his discussions with people around the world, Fr. Philippe offers …"

Vintage Venerable Matt Talbot Prayer Cards ┬áVENERABLE MATT TALBOT RESOURCE CENTER - February 13, 2017 ( Permissu Ordinarii Dioec. Dublinen.) Original Artwork by Brother Robert Martin, C.SS.R. .

Pause for Prayer on Valentine's Day A CONCORD PASTOR COMMENTS - February 13, 2017 Pause for prayer and read these ten Valentines from God : sent to all of us, intended for each of us... God's Valentines for You ♥ No one has loved you longer than I have : I loved you before you were born, before you were conceived, before all time began... ♥ No one holds you closer than I do: I'm right by your side 24/7/365, I'm truly your BFF... ♥ No one loves you more faithfully than I do: my love for you is unfailing, I love you with no ...

Fr Forrest: Stanza 2: Prayer Book Catholic FR HUNWICKE'S MUTUAL ENRICHMENT - February 13, 2017 Oh, just the usual thing you know; we're C of E of course, But beautify the service from a medieval source, With various processions, and in case you shouldn't know, There are tunicled assistants who will tell you where to go; And should you in bewilderment liturgically falter, Just make a little circumambulation of the altar. The blessing, like bishop, you majestically sing, But apart from these

Archbishop of Canterbury Calls on Christians to Join Global Wave of Prayer CLERICAL WHISPERS - February 12, 2017 The Archbishop of Canterbury is encouraging Christians of all denominations to join in with a ten day global prayer initiative "Thy Kingdom Come" from Ascension Day to Pentecost. What began last year as an invitation from the Archbishops of Canterbury and York to the Church of England has grown into an international and ecumenical call to prayer. Last year more than 100,000 people joined in and in 2017 it's expected to be on a bigger scale. Launching ...

Prayer: Oscar Romero IGNATIAN SPIRITUALITY: SET THE WORLD ABLAZE - February 12, 2017 A church that does not join the poor in order to speak out from the side of the poor against the injustices committed against them is not the true Church of Jesus Christ.

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