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In the Midst or Face-To-Face YOUR DAILY TRIPOD - August 15, 2017

Relax the Rules a Bit to Make Sense of Feast Days THE HERMENEUTIC OF CONTINUITY - July 5, 2017 The transfer of Holydays of Obligation to the nearest Sunday causes a lot of negative comment from Catholics who are strongly committed to practising their faith. While the transfer of the Ascension to Sunday does mean that the Sunday Mass congregation gets to participate in a Mass for the feast, it verges on the absurd to lose the temporal significance of the forty days after Easter. The question of obligation is one of the arguments used ...

Ascension Thursday RECTA RATIO - May 25, 2017 Happily, the Archdiocese of Boston adheres to the old rule, that the Ascension falls 40 days after Easter, on a Thursday. And even if it didn't, since I follow the 1962 Ordo (with some exceptions and additions) today would still be Ascension Thursday, a holy day of obligation.

Novena: Prelude MAN WITH BLACK HAT - May 25, 2017 ... Liturgy today, in which case the aforementioned silliness does not apply, today will be remembered as just another Easter weekday. If only they put the right spin on it, in which case it would go something like this: "Most biblical scholars agree that Jesus ascended into Heaven forty-three days after He rose from the dead, not forty days as previously believed. The number of forty was arrived at by the end of the third century, to make it easier for Christians to count the ...