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Capital Punishment With Prager EDWARD FESER - August 7, 2017 Tomorrow, Tuesday, August 8 at 11 am PT, Joe Bessette and I will be on The Dennis Prager Show to discuss our book By Man Shall His Blood Be Shed: A Catholic Defense of Capital Punishment . For other recent radio and television interviews about the book, follow the relevant links here .

Mater Ecclesiae's Assumption Mass 2017 NEW LITURGICAL MOVEMENT - August 2, 2017 ... Saint Charles Borromeo Seminary, will preach. The Solemn Tridentine Mass will once again feature the Ars Laudis Festival Chorus and Orchestra. Our cantor, Mr. Nicholas Beck, a graduate of Westminster Choir College, will direct the singing of the Gregorian Propers. Dr Timothy McDonnell, Director of Sacred Music at the Catholic University of America, Washington, D.C., will be the conductor for this Mass. The Ordinary will be Franz Schubert's Mass in B-flat. The Offertory motet will be Quis te ...

George Romero, Requiescat in Pace. THECHURCHMILITANT - July 20, 2017

Being a Priest Isn't Always Easy or Fun, but It's Always Awesome BONFIRE OF THE VANITIES - July 1, 2017 ... information that doesn't need to be here. By the time you read this, Archbishop Dennis Schnurr will have ordained three new priests for the Archdiocese: Rev. David Doseck, Rev. Peter Langenkamp, and Rev. Alex Witt. I'm writing this ahead of time; I plan to be at the Ordination Mass myself. These are fine men becoming priests. Although I can't always do it, I try to attend the priestly ordination Mass every year. It's getting harder to find priests who can cover my obligations ...

Christian Spirituality XXXI: Beware of False Prophets PONDER THESE THINGS IN YOUR HEART - May 15, 2017

Playboy Model Desecrates Holy Mountain 'OD'S BLOG! - May 4, 2017 ... top of Mount Egmont and posting the picture on Facebook. "It's a sacred place," says Maori spokesman Dennis Ngawhare, "and something like this is just very inappropriate." "It's like someone went into St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican and took a nude photo." No, it is not, and it is important to see the difference. Mount Egmont is a natural phenomenon. The Maori did not build it. God built it, and he built it for all men, not just for Maori. It is unjust for Maori to claim ...

Christian Spirituality XXX: The Narrow Way PONDER THESE THINGS IN YOUR HEART - May 2, 2017

Learn to Heal Painful Memories CATHOLIC LIGHT - RADICAL FAITH & TRUST - April 27, 2017 Learn to Heal Painful Memories : "Sometimes people get stuck when they try to get over their anger or to forgive. They can't seem to erase the terrible memory. A key way to deal with this is called healing of memories. Dennis and Matthew Linn have studied the whole process of healing memories, and they suggest that there are five stages …"