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Guruk Seascapes, From Dawn to Dusk THE WILD REED - July 30, 2017

Go England! THE NEW BEGINNING - June 13, 2017 Express: Google Doodle celebrates ICC Champions Trophy 2017 with cricket game By Joe Tambini GOOGLE Doodle has celebrated the ICC Champions Trophy with a simple but highly addictive cricket game. Who wants to bet that the doodle was chosen not because of white anglophones but South Asians? Google ICC Cricket Fixtures

The Hilarious Moralism of a Realist: A Review of Carlo Lorenzini's (Collodi's) Pinocchio CRISIS MAGAZINE - May 30, 2017 The boy who is really a puppet begins to cry, and not merely to cry, but to cry "desperately." He says, "The Talking-cricket was right. I did wrong to rebel against my papa and to run away from home… If my papa was here I should not now be dying of yawning! Oh! What a dreadful illness hunger is!" The short narrative that follows is perhaps the most delightful, unexpected moment in the history of literature. And friends, consider: it is only chapter five. Pinocchio is ...