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Renewing Our Part of the Face of the Earth (Pentecost Homily) BONFIRE OF THE VANITIES - June 4, 2017 ... made me brand new! In the sacrament of confirmation, the bishop says, "Be sealed with the gift of the Holy Spirit." A "seal" is placed on a document, certifying that it is authentic. You and I are sealed with the Holy Spirit – meaning we are authentic ambassadors of Jesus Christ. The seal of the Holy Spirit means you and I are ready. For what? To do what the psalm describes: "renew the face of the earth." (Last night at the Vigil Mass, the readings were different; we ...

What Is It With These Assholes and Their Russian Fetish??? THECHURCHMILITANT - May 29, 2017

Let the Easter Season Begin: Holy Saturday, the Vigil of the Triduum Continuum PRINTS OF GRACE - May 1, 2017

Still Shrouded in Mystery CRISIS MAGAZINE - April 20, 2017 ... many, that was where this story ended; the Shroud of Turin was now to be forgotten. A vague air of embarrassment hung over what had been the media's decade-long interest. There was still, of course, the question of how the cloth had come to bear such a striking image that seemed to have photographic properties, but this, like so much else about the Shroud, was consigned to the explanations of science—or criminology—rather than theology. The image was the act of a clever forger, not ...