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Feast Days - St Agnes and Our Lady of Altagracia and a Little Planning Too ☺ CHERISHED HEARTS AT HOME - January 30, 2016 ... We read about Our Lady, coloured pictures and ate some good food. This is what constitutes a great feast day in our home. In the evening we celebrated St Agnes with a cake and Vellvin blowing out her Baptism candle. We sing a song to this each celebration of the anniversary of a child's Baptism- 'May God Bless you this Day May God Bless you we Pray Live for Jesus dear........ May you serve him always' Once again we read about the life of St Agnes and her living her Faith as ...

Highlight of 2015 QUIET LIFE - January 4, 2016 In pictures.... Time with the girls... A turnabout dance with friends.... Me and Katie eating at the best place in town. Dumpling Haus at Hilldale shopping center. Katie and her dear Aunt Susan at confirmation. Masters for Emma proud. relieved. happy. Finally getting to Omaha to see the babies....and their parents. First ever. First place. Exciting.

When God Says No {On Suffering and Gratitude} BLESSED BY GOD - November 6, 2015 ... just one more? My "morning sickness" symptoms seem to be fading which is another sign of loss. Yet my heart can't seem to fully let go just yet. This waiting time - the time we spend in between and the time we spend waiting for miscarriage (should that be the outcome) is a sacred time for me as a mother. My senses are heightened, my gratitude rises, I appreciate the small things like sloppy baby kisses, pictures drawn by pre schoolers, and hugs by teenage sons. Colors seem ...

May Ribbons and First Communions ST PATRICK'S CONVENT SCHOOL - October 19, 2015