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Faulty Anti-Catholic List ST. WALBURGA'S BLOG - April 12, 2015

Fr. Perrone on Holy Week and Why We Should Be in Church Thursday Night and Friday Afternoon TE DEUM LAUDAMUS! - March 31, 2015

A Reminder to Me of Why Ultrasounds Are a Powerful Pro-Life Tool IS ANYBODY THERE? - March 27, 2015 ... her on her 1st great-grandchild. But I also began reflecting on what had just happened & why. As I was driving home I saw it as a reminder of why I was right to support the use of ultrasounds at crisis pregnancy centers as well as requiring abortion clinics to perform them & show the mother the results. When women considering an abortion see the pictures, about 80% or more of the women reject abortion as an option & allow the child to live. This is also why ...

Day Twenty-Nine Consecration to Mary for the 21st Century/A Lenten Journey THE ONE TRUE FAITH - March 23, 2015

Fifth Sunday of Lent PRINTED AS PREACHED - March 22, 2015

{phfr} - Random AND a First Reconciliation CATHOLIC WIFE AND MOTHER - March 19, 2015 ... {happy}  We took a two week break from school this month, which was sorely needed. I did a little planning for next year, organized boxes of kids' clothes, and we went to the zoo three times. Best spring break ever. We are back at the books now but are taking three weeks off again, for Holy Week and Easter, while we go on a little road trip to Louisiana. Sunflower and monkey's. A perfect match. Looking at lions. Big lion. Here kitty... Nothing better than happy kids at the zoo. {funny} ...

Celebrating the Saints :: St. Brigid of Ireland SHOWER OF ROSES - February 3, 2015 ... purchasing it... Then one afternoon my daughter was asking questions about Confirmation and whether or not she could choose two saints. I asked her why she wanted to know and she said that she loves St. Rose and St. Brigid and wasn't sure she could pick between the two. Shortly after our conversation I logged into Etsy and there was the painting! I happened to have some money in my PayPal acct from some books I just resold so I purchased it right then and there. I considered ...