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Making Sense of Catholic Marriage THE FIFTH COLUMN - May 23, 2017 ... invention of the printing press and the resulting hundred-fold drop in book prices, allowed the Council of Trent to develop an alternate solution: the seminary. With the new seminary training system, the old apprenticeship was abolished. After Trent, all priests had to attend a seminary, a training school, where only the best priests of the diocese were allowed to serve as instructors. Now everyone got the best instruction that the diocese had to offer. Some dioceses were better than others, ...

San Francisco Plans Marriage Chain- April 30 - 25 Apr 2017 DEACON FOR LIFE - April 25, 2017 California Catholic Daily Dear Reader, Our lineup for today includes: San Francisco Plans Marriage Chain- April 30: Signs provided - see below The machine dispenses emergency contraceptive pills, condoms, over-the-counter drugs and lubricant. Photo by Diana

SEX IS DEATH. [Part 108: Guns Don't Kill. Vending Machines Do.] THECHURCHMILITANT - April 21, 2017

Invisibility Clock for Fra' Festing THAT THE BONES YOU HAVE CRUSHED MAY THRILL - April 19, 2017 ... final two paragraphs in particular were prime examples, wherein it was stated without embarrassment that Matthew Festing is temporarily banned from the site of the Mother Church of all Christians, while wishing him a happy Easter. So thoughtful and, of course, merciful to a tee. Strange for a Pope who is so keen to talk of the freedom of movement of peoples as something sacrosanct, that suddenly barriers and walls which should normally be torn down are, for one person in particular, erected ...

I Hope You Had a Good Easter CATHOLIC TRADITIONAL LOOKING FOR WIFE - April 17, 2017