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Captain Obvious to Four Random Cardinals SAINT LOUIS CATHOLIC - July 1, 2017 Captain Obvious here: It is BEYOND time for the College of Cardinals to take decisive action about Francis. And if we can assume many or even most Cardinals have ceased to be manly Catholics, then how about any smaller number-- let's say FOUR of them-- declare Amoris Laetitia heresy and demand a retraction on pain of self-deposition. Assuming of course that the guy with the white hair and cassock who always has to double check ...

"Broaden Your Gaze and Open Your Hearts": For Laos, Ikea – And Romero – The Scarlet Is Served WHISPERS IN THE LOGGIA - June 28, 2017 ... most of all, here we go again – another crop of new cardinals drawn mostly, like the Pope who made them, "from the edge of the world." In a shift from ancient practice, the Consistory to create five voting members of the papal "Senate" will take place in the afternoon – 4pm Rome time on this Wednesday's vigil of Saints Peter and Paul. (The live video will appear here at the time, and the ritual booklet – with English translations – is already up .) ...

Vatican Police State: Pope Wants to Know Where Each Cardinal Is at All Times RORATE CÆLI - June 12, 2017 It's funny how this Pope only wants "tradition" (with a very, very small "t") when it suits his purposes. This letter sent by the Dean of the College of Cardinals to the "Resident" Cardinals, that is, those who reside in Rome, was revealed today by the Rome correspondent of The Wall Street Journal, Francis X. Rocca: DEAN OF THE COLLEGE OF CARDINALS From the Vatican, May 31, 2017 N.

Cardinal Etchegaray Retired, Cardinal Re Confirmed As College of Cardinals Vice-Dean CATHOLIC-HIERARCHY NEWS - June 10, 2017 Roger Marie Élie Cardinal Etchegaray retired and Giovanni Battista Re was confirmed as Vice-Dean (Sub-Dean) of the College of Cardinals .