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Mankind's Confessional on Mount Calvary and the Source of Our Restoration (12-6) GOD IS AT WORK IN YOU! - April 9, 2016 This lesson begins with another mystical trip to a hotel that is set apart from all the others and culminates with a summons, a Holy Sacrifice of the Mass on Mount Calvary inside a grand mystical Catholic confessional being reconstructed of reparation within the impaled Sacred Heart of Jesus and continues along the Way of the Cross during a Holy Hour before the Blessed Sacrament following a Royal Wedding to an Almighty King as the Spear of Destiny goes on a field trip and ...

If ABC Wants a Real Catholic Sitcom, Watch "That Darn Domestic Church." CREATIVE MINORITY REPORT - March 3, 2016

Novena to Saint Dominic Savio CATHOLIC FIRE - February 29, 2016 Today we begin the novena to St. Dominic Savio, whose feast day is on March 9. He is the patron saint of boys, children's choirs, falsely accused people, and juvenile delinquents. Dominic, one of 10 children of a blacksmith and a seamstress, was born in 1842 in Riva di Chieri, Italy. He became an altar server at age five, and began preparing for the priesthood as a twelve year old under the direction of Father John Bosco (the future St. John Bosco), for his new Salesian ...

Local Priest Describes Trip to Rome to Become Missionary of Mercy CATHOLIC HOTDISH - February 19, 2016