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The Kids Are Alright… THE CRESCAT - April 14, 2015 … You'll have to excuse me for a minute. I am just going to shamelessly brag on my diocese, the Diocese of Charlotte, for a bit. And to think, I sort of fell into this particular diocese by accident. Not knowing anything about Catholicism in the South when I moved here, I consider it a [Read More...]

A Roll of Honour COUNTERCULTURAL FATHER - April 11, 2015 ... Gillian Carroll, Portsmouth; Michael Carroll, Nottingham; Brendan Casey, Westminster; Helen Caspar, Los Angeles, USA; Michelle Catling, Northampton; Paul Cavanagh, Shrewsbury; Ursula Cavanagh, Shrewsbury; David Chapman, Westminster; John Charmley, East Anglia; Maureen Chatfield, Birmingham; Linda Chin, Southwark; Philip Chin, Southwark; Greg Cladagh; Annabel Clarke; Aghi Clovis, Southwark; Crystal Clovis, Southwark; Daniel Clovis, Southwark; Greg Clovis, Southwark; Martin Comer, Clifton; Susan ...