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St. Richard of Chichester ATONEMENTONLINE - June 14, 2017

The Moderation Queue Is ON. ABBEY ROADS - June 14, 2017

Is Pope Francis Open to Married Men Becoming Roman-Rite Catholic Priests? FEAR NOT LITTLE FLOCK - May 24, 2017 ... ungrateful in that he is a minuscule exception to the celibacy requirement in the Roman-rite. I understand that some married priests want to stay 'under the radar,' so don't mention your marriage at all. We all have misgivings and frustrations with our state in life. Have you ever met a mother who is vocal about her preference for the opposite sex that her baby turned out to be? The baby is all dressed in blue, and the mom sighs that she's disappointed that she doesn't get to buy all the cute ...

Pope, Ecumenical Patriarch Heading to Cairo Next Week BYZANTINE, TEXAS - April 19, 2017

IRL : Glenstal Monk Urges Church to Change Attitude on Sexual Ethic CLERICAL WHISPERS - April 14, 2017

Canadian Greek Catholics on the Married Priesthood BYZANTINE, TEXAS - April 4, 2017 ... breakdown, though hopefully, not often. You also have to consider the children. They often have to be far better than any other child in the parish. And that can be a great psychological pressure. The kids did not sign up for that! And it's a very important aspect of married clergy. I can only talk about our tradition. I don't think I would even want to comment on the possibility of married priests in the Latin Church. My formation, and my understanding of the way our clergy works, is ...

Links and Stuff PERSPECTIVE - March 20, 2017

TOB Tuesday: Virginity for the Sake of the Kingdom BIG C CATHOLICS - March 14, 2017 ... to Christ. This is not a sexual union but a profound spiritual union. Likewise, priests and religious brothers offer up their masculinity to God by loving and serving the Church. Their role model is Christ who offered up his life for God's people…" Moreover, Saint John Paul II observed that: "Virginity or celibacy for the sake of the Kingdom of God not only does not contradict the dignity of marriage but presupposes it and confirms it. Marriage and virginity or celibacy are two ways of ...

Saturday Detention: Erotic Art in the Cathedral. ABBEY ROADS - March 4, 2017