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What a Flexible, Fun Immersion Approach to Learning Spanish! TRAINING HAPPY HEARTS - June 14, 2017

Beauty and the Beast's Obeisance to the Big Gay Machine CRISIS MAGAZINE - April 17, 2017 My son and I saw the new Beauty and the Beast . It was lovely, magical, following the 1991 cartoon, almost scene for scene, song for song. This is the story everyone wants to hear: darkness and evil and selfishness transformed by love into light and good and self-surrender. Life and love conquer death and fear. This just happens to be the Christian story. That is why we never tire of hearing it. We were meant for love, for communion with others, for radical self-giving. We ...

Traumatizing Your Child for Easter CONNECTICUT CATHOLIC CORNER - April 15, 2017 I haven't done a "surfing the Internet" post in a while, so today before Easter I decided to take a look at some "vintage Easter" images from Google, because nothing says "Happy Easter" like a terrifying stranger in a scary bunny costume holding your child! Is it any wonder so many adults are in therapy? ;) The phrase "The Easter bunny is coming to town" just went from a cute cartoon narrated by Fred Astaire to a horror movie narrated by Vincent Price! Happy Easter children!

MIT Publishes Communism for Kids CREATIVE MINORITY REPORT - April 13, 2017

Beauty and the Beast A FOLLOWER OF FRANCIS - April 2, 2017 This is not a review of the new Beauty and the Beast . I have not seen the live-action version of the 1991 Disney cartoon classic. Nor do I plan to. Part of my reason is simply that that 1991 version IS a classic. The voice and singing cast was perfect. The cartooning was incredible. The cartoon deserved its Academy Award nomination for best picture. The fact that the new one is also a Disney film is not a draw. I have not been impressed with Disney fare ...