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Another Thought About Charlottesville... BONFIRE OF THE VANITIES - August 15, 2017 It occurs to me this episode illustrates something Scott Adams -- creator of the cartoon strip "Dilbert" -- has observed about life. Namely, that when we look at the world, we all see different "movies." So, for example, if you look at the events of last weekend, and you see a bunch of KKK and Nazi wannabes showing up with clubs and guns, and they are met by peaceable citizens, and then you hear that people were injured and one was killed -- then of course what you see ...

Living in a Christian Bubble TEA AT TRIANON - August 13, 2017 ... friends and a less expansive knowledge of the most popular cartoon shows and sex acts when they emerge from it, but at least they will have their souls. That's a pretty good trade, as far as I'm concerned. (Read more ...

Summer Is Here. THE BLOGGING BROTHER - July 9, 2017

What a Flexible, Fun Immersion Approach to Learning Spanish! TRAINING HAPPY HEARTS - June 14, 2017