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Anxious August THE CANON'S STALL - August 17, 2017 ... So that meant you did A-levels early too, in turn meaning that if you wanted to take a shot at the Oxbridge entrance exams at the Christmas afterwards, you could, and still not lose a year. Now that was a killer week of exams - I did them in French and Spanish, three hours each morning and afternoon Monday to Wednesday in one week, with a final one of Friday. I remember dragging myself up the school drive on the Friday at 4.30 or something, after everyone else had gone. I was relieved, of ...

A Glimpse of the 13th Century THE CANON'S STALL - August 11, 2017

Welsh Seminarians Mistaken for Bachelor Party Nearly Kicked Out of Pub EWTN NEWS - WORLD CATHOLIC NEWS - August 1, 2017 Cardiff, Wales, Aug 1, 2017 / 01:24 pm ( EWTN News/CNA ).- Seven seminarians walk into a bar … and almost get kicked out.