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The Brilliant Star SPIRITUAL DEVOTIONAL - August 6, 2017

The Twilight Binge #018: The Last Flight THE B-MOVIE CATECHISM - May 9, 2017 S01E18 – The Last Flight "A World War I flying ace flies through a mysterious cloud - and lands at a modern U.S. air base in the year 1959!" Although Rod Serling had previously adapted one of Richard Mathieson's stories for the Twilight Zone episode And When The Sky Was Open , The Last Flight represents the acclaimed (and for good reason) author's first self-penned screenplay for the show. It also happens to be the first episode to take the show's title somewhat literally. According ...

Writer Guilt CHOCOLATE FOR YOUR BRAIN! - May 8, 2017 Whenever I miss a day of writing, even if I've been in a slump, writing junkola that will never see the light of day, I suffer from writers' guilt. Writers' guilt is different from every other kind of guilt, because even if you binge write for three days straight, dripping beautiful prose onto the page, if you declare a sabbatical for the forth day, you suffer. The muse demands daily