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No One Cares THE ONE TRUE FAITH - August 16, 2017

Naivete THE ONE TRUE FAITH - August 7, 2017

Monday THE ONE TRUE FAITH - July 10, 2017

The Tragedy of Francis IN OTHER WORDS - July 7, 2017

Pricing for the Last Mile DARWINCATHOLIC - July 6, 2017 ... inventory out again very quickly. Amazon does not realize any logistical savings by having dozens of huge warehouses instead of thousands of individual stores, because even a single store can still move plenty of milk or cat litter. This means that the margin structure is not much different for Amazon and the grocery store on these products. Second, Amazon has to spend shipping expenses in order to get product from their warehouse to a customer's house, whereas at a grocery store the customer ...

What Is It With the Pope, Anyway? IN OTHER WORDS - July 6, 2017

The Pope's Poverty of Thought IN OTHER WORDS - July 5, 2017 ... Likewise, does the pontiff really mean to suggest that any opportunity to improve oneself, to emerge from poverty and possibly become successful in business (thereby affording the opportunity to help others out of poverty) should be eschewed in favor of remaining poor? As Steve Moore, wrote in Forbes last year: "What is the theological case for telling those in the poorest villages of the planet where people still live at subsistence levels, that they have a moral obligation to save the planet ...

What Is the Pope Trying to Do? IN OTHER WORDS - July 4, 2017

The Red Pope IN OTHER WORDS - July 3, 2017

Author Interview: Chasing Liberty by Theresa Linden SPIRITUAL WOMAN - July 1, 2017

Linda to Lin THE ONE TRUE FAITH - June 14, 2017

Preview and Giveaway: Primrose Lane by Debbie Mason THIS THAT AND THE OTHER THING - June 8, 2017 ... Twitter Instagram Pinterest An Excerpt: Dr. Finn Gallagher found himself at the clinic on Primrose Lane, wondering what the hell he'd gotten himself into. In the seven and half hours he'd been there, he'd seen forty-five patients. Only five of whom actually had something physically wrong with them. All five were female and under the age of sixteen. As far as he could tell, not one of them was interested in marrying him. The other forty had nothing wrong with them. And, as far as he could tell, ...