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G-D Is Trying to Tell You Something YOUNG ADULT CATHOLICS - August 24, 2014 (from my personal blog) This clip in the film, "The Color Purple," reflects a powerful moment of reconciliation and the re-embracing of a loved one. But what else is G-d trying to tell us through this moment? What does Shug Avery mean by "even sinners have soul"? She doesn't say "a soul", she simply says "soul". Maybe […]

On the Fatherhood of Bishops With Disposable Priests THESE STONE WALLS - July 30, 2014 ... expectation belongs to God alone who empowers the priest to love unconditionally without any assurance of human reciprocity – to love unconditionally even those who unjustly took His good name, even those who unjustly put Him behind bars based on a lie. It is beyond human comprehension and a marvelous work of grace that a priest is capable of offering all his suffering and pain for the salvation of the very souls of those responsible for his very personal, very real tragedy and betrayal. ...

Technology Is Amazing ~ Wheelchair 101... PASSIONATE PERSEVERANCE - June 20, 2014 in her current wheelchair happy no? Today was avery busy day but quite a productive one for Miss Courtney. We made our way north to Kennedy-Krieger Institute at John's Hopkins in Baltimore, so Courtney could be molded for her new wheelchair seat. Since her scoliosis has stabilized and her growth plates are done growing, it was time to have a wheelchair seat molded, allowing her to