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George Weigel on Why Adults Become Catholics DA MIHI ANIMAS - March 30, 2015 ... Cardinal Avery Dulles wrote that his journey into the Catholic Church began when, as an unbelieving Harvard undergraduate detached from his family's staunch Presbyterianism, he noticed a leaf shimmering with raindrops while taking a walk along the Charles River in Cambridge, Mass.; such beauty could not be accidental, he thought—there must be a Creator. Thomas Merton found Catholicism aesthetically, as well as intellectually, attractive: once the former Columbia ...

The Perversion of Justice It Represents THESE STONE WALLS - March 11, 2015

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The Mostly True Story of Jack - Kelly Barnhill BOOK REVIEWS AND MORE - February 26, 2015 ... cover that grabbed my attention was this one below.) Books by Kelly Barnhill The Witch's Boy The Mostly True Story of Jack Iron Hearted Violet Books in Progress: The Boy Who Loved Birds The Sugar House Nathaniel Barrow and The Mermaid The Firebirds of Lake ...

Another New Year JOURNEY - January 26, 2015 January makes me shiver… (apologies to Don McLean) Another new year… 2015 added 2 more grandchildren to the fold. Avery arrived in January, Henry in November. We've already celebrated Avery's first birthday! Marie and family are back in Birmingham; David and family are in Orlando and no longer own a home in Melbourne. I travelled as far as Nova Scotia, but stayed on this side of the Atlantic. And, I have been remiss in actually journalling ...

In Memoriam: Cardinal Avery Dulles and Fr. Richard John Neuhaus - These Stone Walls WHERE THE RUBBER HITS THE ROAD - January 10, 2015 In Memoriam: Cardinal Avery Dulles and Fr. Richard John Neuhaus - These Stone Walls

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