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Christmas Questionnaire 2013-Age 3 SEW - December 9, 2014 ... candles! Momma ate her whole cake-no joke!! 17. What do you like to take to bed with you at night? Baby sis 18. What is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast? cereal & "ogurt" 19. What do you want for Christmas? presents!!!! 20. Were you a good girl this year? I was a good girl, I help Mommy throw the plates like a basketball! (No clue!!) 21. What is your favorite thing to do? When my daddy comes ...

Thanksgiving, the Common Good, and Freedom Καθολικός διάκονος - November 27, 2014

Theology of the Laity – According to a Seminarian PRO UNIONE - November 11, 2014

George Weigel on Why Adults Become Catholics DA MIHI ANIMAS - October 19, 2014 ... Cardinal Avery Dulles wrote that his journey into the Catholic Church began when, as an unbelieving Harvard undergraduate detached from his family's staunch Presbyterianism, he noticed a leaf shimmering with raindrops while taking a walk along the Charles River in Cambridge, Mass.; such beauty could not be accidental, he thought—there must be a Creator. Thomas Merton found Catholicism aesthetically, as well as intellectually, attractive: once the former Columbia ...

G-D Is Trying to Tell You Something YOUNG ADULT CATHOLICS - August 24, 2014 (from my personal blog) This clip in the film, "The Color Purple," reflects a powerful moment of reconciliation and the re-embracing of a loved one. But what else is G-d trying to tell us through this moment? What does Shug Avery mean by "even sinners have soul"? She doesn't say "a soul", she simply says "soul". Maybe […]