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Farewell, Dear Followers GOTTA SING GOTTA PRAY - June 2, 2017

SolczyĆ"Ski Named Tanzania Nuncio CATHOLIC-HIERARCHY NEWS - April 25, 2017 Archbishop Marek SolczyĆ"ski was named Apostolic Nuncio to Tanzania . The post had been vacant since Archbishop Francisco Montecillo Padilla was named Apostolic Nuncio to Kuwait in April 2016. Archbishop SolczyĆ"ski had been serving as Apostolic Nuncio to Georgia , Apostolic Nuncio to Armenia , and Apostolic Nuncio to Azerbaijan .

Wikipedia Roulette CHOCOLATE FOR YOUR BRAIN! - April 10, 2017 The assignment was to look at ten random Wikipedia threads and link them together somehow. To begin with, what I learned....I learned about a church called "Xc 'konk" (That's pronounced something like The Konk maybe but don't swear by it, it's Wikipedia) in Armenia which was 4/5ths of the way blown up in the 1920's. Next, I discovered an artist named Gerand Van Deynum who painted still life in