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Listening to the Promptings in Our Hearts Helps to Ascertain Our Vocation in Life. REFLECTIONS AND RUMINATIONS - May 7, 2017 ... sad state in life that makes them think that they have been 'left on the shelf'. If God is the giver of life, and if we truly believe that no one is alive 'by accident', each life then is called to a specific vocation in life as well. Jesus makes it clear in the gospels that he is the Good Shepherd. He leads his flock, and he also truly cares for each one personally. His personal care and love therefore extends to the way that we exist and live our lives, which is what our 'vocation' is ...

Annulments Are Fundamentally Different From Divorce WHERE THE RUBBER HITS THE ROAD - April 9, 2017 Annulments are Fundamentally Different from Divorce ncregister.com