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Father Rutler: The Transfiguration of Our Lord SUNLIT UPLANDS - August 6, 2017

Book Review: Hail Mary, the Perfect Prayer ASSOCIATION OF CATHOLIC BLOGGERS - August 4, 2017 ... donating a portion of every sale to his local Catholic radio station in north central Massachusetts. The book's title is intriguing and perplexing at the same time... Read the rest of the post at ...

Never Too Late to Begin! REFLECTIONS OF AN RSCJ - August 1, 2017 One of our Sisters who is 98 or 99 years old now fell and broke her ankle. She is home from the hospital and has a new Kindle and wants me to show her how to use it. We are still struggling to get into her Amazon account to register it. I hope I can help her as she loves to read and this new Kindle is lightweight. I mostly read on my I-pad now but still love my old Kindle. It is so amazing that we can carry a library ...

Sunday Book Notices: "Laurus" and "Spoilt Rotten" THE HERMENEUTIC OF CONTINUITY - July 30, 2017

Father Rutler: Dunkirk and Spiritual Evacuation SUNLIT UPLANDS - July 30, 2017

Sunday Book Notices THE HERMENEUTIC OF CONTINUITY - July 23, 2017 Three books I have read recently and can recommend, in case you are looking for something to load up on your Kindle or arrange on your shelves. Walking the Road to God: Why I left everything behind and took to the streets to save souls by Lawrence Carney Father Carney just spends hours walking around town. What makes the difference is that he does so wearing his cassock and soup plate hat, and carrying a rosary and a crucifix. His book is a simple account of some of ...

A Saturday Pep Talk: Alex Jones Interviews Stefan Molyneux... ADRIENNE'S CORNER - July 22, 2017 there's a lot packed into this 16 minutes. Do not let the name "Alex Jones" deter you from watching this. It's very powerful. My veggies are calling out to me and they're saying, "Water me." Deals in Amazon Video in case it's hot where you live and you need to stay inside. Kindle Deals And some great deals in Patio, Lawn, and Garden

Donald Trump: Made in America Week... ADRIENNE'S CORNER - July 18, 2017

Sunday Book Notices THE HERMENEUTIC OF CONTINUITY - July 16, 2017 Three books I have read recently and can recommend, in case you are looking for something to load up on your Kindle or arrange on your shelves. Reformation Divided by Eamon Duffy Our Cambridge historian, Eamon Duffy, must be credited with the greatest influence in turning around the historical consensus on the reformation. In Reformation Divided , he has edited and put together a collection of articles and themed them quite successfully into a book whose principal point is ...

Father Rutler: The "Christ of Nations" SUNLIT UPLANDS - July 16, 2017

Protest and Russia Fatigue... ADRIENNE'S CORNER - July 14, 2017

Just Wash That Tech Right Outta Your Hair... ADRIENNE'S CORNER - July 10, 2017 ... yesterday at Costco and guess what? I don't recall seeing one person in that entire warehouse with their nose stuck in a phone. I perused the peeps sitting in the food court and no phones were in sight there either. Hmmmmmm. Even a few months ago you would have witnessed many people ignoring friends and family in favor of their phone. Two days ago I was at our local grocery store and also do not recall seeing one phone. I don't even remember seeing anyone with a phone in their hand as they ...

Father George Rutler: Barbarism vs. Civilization SUNLIT UPLANDS - July 2, 2017

Author Interview: Chasing Liberty by Theresa Linden SPIRITUAL WOMAN - July 1, 2017

Fixing a Floppy Sun Visor... ADRIENNE'S CORNER - June 29, 2017

Father Rutler: Persistence in Truth SUNLIT UPLANDS - June 25, 2017

Father George Rutler: God So Loved the World SUNLIT UPLANDS - June 18, 2017

Father George Rutler: Three in One and One in Three SUNLIT UPLANDS - June 11, 2017

Charles Krauthammer Is Both Right and Wrong... ADRIENNE'S CORNER - June 6, 2017

Free Copy of My First Novel?! Yep! JOURNEY OF A CATHOLIC NERD WRITER - June 4, 2017 Photo credit: Danica Clark Photography. Happy Pentecost, everyone!! Just a quick blog post to let y'all know that the Kindle version of my first novel -- Will and Lina: When Two Worlds Collide -- will be a free book deal on Amazon on June 5-7. The Kindle version of the sequel, Will and Lina: London Calling , will be on sale for 99 cents June 7-10. I've been told that the books are quick reads so if you're looking to kickstart your ...

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