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Thoughts on the Mass TIGERISH WATERS - August 16, 2017 ... that if this were the standard of things in the UK, then we'd be quite happy. I'd say that the Novus Ordo is being executed here without the politics of protestantisation, it is said in all holiness and with all reverence. The priests will sing parts of the liturgy where they can. It seems to be quite normal out here and I have yet to hear one who can't sing and there is often a competent, lay male cantor to lead the congregational singing. Sadly what is on offer are the bland, Gellineau ...

'I Was Able for Once to Offer the Holy Sacrifice on My Knees.' Sunday Reflections, the Transfiguration, Year A ASSOCIATION OF CATHOLIC BLOGGERS - August 5, 2017

Lost in a Fog! MY WAY GOD'S WAY - July 19, 2017