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The Sign of the Carved Cross - Lisa M. Hendey and Jenn Bower - Chime Travelers Book 2 BOOK REVIEWS AND MORE - August 2, 2017

Praying the Rosary Like Never Before - Edward Sri - Encounter the Wonder of Heaven and Earth BOOK REVIEWS AND MORE - July 31, 2017 ... miracle of history. " And that is Sri's starting point. He outlines how the Rosary can be integral to our faith, and how it can draw us home. The chapters in this book are: Why Pray the Rosary? The Wandering Mind and Other Struggles Too Much Attention to Mary? The Hail Mary: Jesus at the Center Repetition: You Can Never Say "I Love You" Enough The Origins of the Rosary More than Words: Ten Ways to Encounter Jesus More in the Rosary Seeds for Contemplation: Biblical Reflections ...