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10 Years of a Friar's Life! A FRIAR'S LIFE - May 30, 2017

Friday Potpourri: Let Me Make This Perfectly Clear . . . Again. ADAM'S ALE - April 7, 2017 ... where this is custom. "Of course," some of my liturgist friends would say, "what does this say about taking a rose to Mary?" *sigh* More on that in two ...

Gender Identity Difficulty VIEWPOINTS - March 26, 2017 The issue of "Same Sex Marriage" recently came to fore – again. The subject matter is neither really that enigmatic nor is it in effect true to say that the said practice had its origin primarily in North America and has been since then making its headway to other Countries – the Philippines included. The downright truth of the matter is that the substance and implications of said phenomenon

USA/HK - Bishop Michael Curry Says Hong Kong Represents the Anglican Way of Being in Partnership CLERICAL WHISPERS - March 10, 2017