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No One Cares THE ONE TRUE FAITH - August 16, 2017 The Coleridge Taylor Mysteries are about a newspaper reporter who is interested in solving the murders no one cares about. Lights Out Summer by Rich Zahradnik is the latest Coleridge Taylor mystery. Taylor works for a news wire. The large, flashy newspapers cover the big news. They seek the sensational, the latest titillation that the public seems to clamor over. But Taylor would rather find the story of the people who ...

Reactions to Charlottesville THE NEW BEGINNING - August 15, 2017 Boyd Cathey, Thoughts on Charlottesville and What It Means for Us Pat Buchanan, If We Erase Our History, Who Are We? John Robb, Charlottesville and Malicious Social Disruption Peter Hitchens Vox Day: Stupidity is No Substitute for Strategy James Howard Kunstler Jared Taylor The "moderate" speaks -- Rod Dreher's last hurrah for civic nationalism and White Racial Terrorism .

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Taylor Swift and Bodily Integrity PERSPECTIVE - August 12, 2017 I've been reading/watching in the news about the trial in which Taylor Swift has accused a man of grabbing her behind ... I'm glad she has chosen to make a public issue of this. I think it's probable that most women have experienced some level of sexual harassment at the workplace - I have - but many of us are not able to really redress it. What's disturbing is that using another person as your involuntary squeeze toy is often not seen as a serious violation. I know ...

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Fyodor Helps One and All Discover If They Are Part of the Problem. THECHURCHMILITANT - May 30, 2017 Katy Perry vs Taylor Swift: a timeline of their feud - Entertainment Weekly If you clicked on the link above, you are: PART OF THE PROBLEM! TheChurchMilitant: Sometimes anti-social, but always anti-fascist since 2005.