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Trump, Looking for Pro-Lifers, Picks Pence? CREATIVE MINORITY REPORT - July 14, 2016

14th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Cycle C LORD, IF YOU WILL (SUNDAYS AND SOLEMNITIES) - July 3, 2016

Free-thinking Puritans The sour reaction of some people to a demonstration ... LEX COMMUNIS - July 2, 2016 ... Dangerous to Believe." When a Delta passenger went into cardiac arrest on a plane, Tim Tebow stepped in to pray for him. But many are saying he did the wrong thing. The Delta crew immediately went to work to try to save a passenger's life after he suffered a major heart attack on board. But while a physician assistant stepped in to administer CPR, Tim Tebow left his own seat to pray for the man. Tebow bent ...

Tebow Derangement Reaches Anti-Christian Lunacy CREATIVE MINORITY REPORT - June 30, 2016 So a man suffered a fatal heart attack on a plane and a passenger came over to pray with the man's wife. That man was Tim Tebow. And as the story got out on social media because other passengers shared photos (not Tebow) many people couldn't help but go negative on Tebow. "I think I'm going to throw up," one commenter wrote. Here's some others, according to a story on MSN: "Tim Tebow ...

LifeNews Report: Check Out What Pro-Life Superstar Tim Tebow Is Doing Now DEACON FOR LIFE - June 16, 2016 Pro-Life News ReportThursday, June 16, 2016 For pro-life news updated throughout the day, visit Top Stories • Hillary Clinton Used to Say She Wants Abortions "Safe, Legal and Rare." She's Dropped "Rare"• Donald Trump: I Will Name "Conservative" Judges, Hillary Will Pick "Super Radical Liberals" • Pro-Life Superstar Tim