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"Of What Use Is a Philosopher Who Doesn't Hurt Anybody's Feelings?" QUAECUMQUE - July 14, 2015 "Of what use is a philosopher who doesn't hurt anybody's feelings?" - Diogenes of Sinope (412 B.C.-323) Greek Philosopher (via philosophicalconservatism )

Prayers for Mad Jack Needed... ADRIENNE'S CORNER - May 8, 2015 ... in roughly 2009. He was one of the very first regulars on Diogenes Middle Finger , and he's kept the comments flowing on and for just about as long. Somewhere during that time he also showed up at Adrienne's Place and Proof's and Odie's and the Earl' s and Curmudgeon's and Dianny's and many more, including this one. Well, Jack's not going anywhere, but you may have noticed that he's not as prolific as he has been in the past, and there's a ...

The Third Annual Paul Revere Award... ADRIENNE'S CORNER - June 13, 2015

Let's Rewrite History... ADRIENNE'S CORNER - July 11, 2015

I Am Honored... ADRIENNE'S CORNER - June 22, 2015