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It's Thursday... ADRIENNE'S CORNER - June 19, 2014 ... Still Don't Get It Blazing Cat Fur: A shifting world order, from Iraq to Afghanistan Diogenes' Middle Finger: So-Called Comprehensive Immigration Reform Political Clown Parade: Overpower The System Until It Literally Collapses iOwnTheWorld: Cruz: 'You Cannot Win a Battle Against Radical Islamic Terrorism If You're Unwilling to Utter the Words' McNorman: I Call BS When I Read It The Organic Prepper: If You Don't Have a Job - Make One Up Survival Blog: Getting A Real ...

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Wherein Right-Wing Blogs Become As Disgustingly Obnoxious As Left-Wing Blogs... ADRIENNE'S CORNER - September 9, 2014

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the Complete Stories of Sherlock Holmes CRISIS MAGAZINE - July 17, 2014